Cathay Cargo's Priority options offer dedicated booking tiers, providing greater choice and clearly define service options for every booking

Priority options for time-sensitive shipments

Our suite of Priority options offers dedicated booking tiers for your general cargo, plus a range of specialist shipments. Priority provides greater choice and clearly defined service options for every booking. It puts speed and capacity at the heart of every booking – giving you the assurance that your shipment will arrive as anticipated.

Our Priority tiers are First (PR1), Essential Plus (PR2) and Essential (PR3). For general cargo shipments, you can choose the tier best suited to your needs. For shipments requiring special handling, the First (PR1) and Essential Plus (PR2) service tiers have been extended and are now applicable to some of our solutions.

The tiers are also featured on our online booking and confirmation platform Click & Ship, allowing you to book at ease. Simply log on and select the tier that suits your needs.

Choose the Priority tier best suited to your cargo shipment

Priority tiers at a glance

 To learn more about Cathay Cargo’s Priority tiers, download the e-brochure here.

For terms and conditions, please visit the Priority Solution page on the Cathay Cargo website

^Booking auto-confirmation is applicable to selected special solutions
*Money-back guarantee will be activated when pandemic restrictions have been lifted and Cathay Cargo has resumed its normal long-haul and regional schedules


Top Priority tier First offers access to high-demand flights and guarantees uplift