Our Agent In Guangdong: Tina Huang

Tina Huang, cargo supervisor in Guangzhou, discusses wide-body aircraft and growth in China

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I began my career in 2003 in air cargo sales for an international cargo agent. I joined Cathay Pacific in 2007. I’m honoured to be part of this well known company and it has certainly expanded my horizon in the air cargo industry.

Tell us about the business in Guangdong

The main air exports from Guangzhou are consumables, vehicle parts and electronic goods. Guangzhou is a culinary city, so we also import a large amount of perishables.

As e-commerce continues to grow, the import and export business via China Post is booming. The ratio of mail shipments is growing too. We have maintained twice­-daily flights since the Guangzhou route launched in 2009. At first, we used narrow body aircraft, but to meet growth of our business, we switched to an Airbus A330 for one of the flights from 2010.

Mail shipments place a huge demand on aircraft space. As a result, the Guangdong branch of China Post began using postal trucks to deliver mail shipments to the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal (CPCT) from late 2013. In response to constraints on air cargo space on the first flight of the day, we can run a truck service to deliver cargo to CPCT according to customer demand.

How do you respond to market needs?

The Guangzhou market has grown very fast, particularly after 2005 when the new airport opened. The number of international routes grew from a few to more than 130; there are around 120 cargo flights a week. The market encourages fierce competition because cargo agents are very price sensitive. We try to develop our relationships with agents to earn their loyalty. Meanwhile, we are also working closely with China Post to ensure we continue to provide our quality service.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am married and a mother of a six year-old boy. We all love travelling. We love to spend time travelling across the Cathay Pacific network to experience different cultures and countries every year.