MobiFresh keeps things cool in the Cargo Terminal

Portable, wirelessly connected cold-storage boxes add security to cool-chain shipments

The Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal has introduced MobiFresh, a solution to help keep shipments cool between flights or before collection. Essentially a moveable container that offers temperature-controlled storage in the terminal, MobiFresh ensure temperature-sensitive shipments to move though the terminal quickly and safely.

Designed to Cathay Pacific Services Limited’s (CPSL) specifications and constructed locally, the 1.6m3 containers are portable so that they can be placed close to a designated truck dock to reduce waiting times, and can be accommodated by the terminal’s bulk handling system. Once in the system, the container’s nine-hour battery life can be topped up wirelessly.

The MobiFresh containers also make use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, with iBeacons which allow location and temperature to be monitored and adjusted through the terminal’s IT systems.

‘From our perspective, MobiFresh gives us more cold storage space,’ says CPSL Chief Operating Officer Mark Watts, ‘but what it means for the customer is that we can make sure a shipment is at exactly the right temperature from the minute it arrives at our terminal until it departs, ensuring optimal freshness and eliminating spoilage.’

CPSL successfully applied for HK$1M of support from the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Innovation and Technology Fund for MobiFresh’s development. ‘It’s just one more example of the ways in which we are continuing to innovate and improve our solutions for customers,’ Watts adds.

Key features

Volume: 1.6m3

Temperature range: 2-8°C

Battery life: Up to 9 hours, with wireless charging

Remote controlled with precise location and temperature tracking