Hong Kong Cargo Sales team hosts top agents’ event

Cargo customers tee-off at annual golf tour

Cathay Pacific Cargo Hong Kong sales team hosted its annual golf tour in Fukuoka, Japan for Hong Kong’s top performing agents to thank them for their continued support.

While golfers participated in tournaments at the city’s picturesque golf courses, non-golfers were treated to a relaxing canal cruise in Yanagawa and a tour of the historic Karatsu Castle, before meeting up to enjoy Japan’s peerless cuisine.

GM Cargo Commercial Nelson Chin said: “What better way to thank our top agents. We look forward to working together closely with all our customers in the coming year.”

Congratulations in particular to Brian Wu, Director of BEL International Logistics and Chairman of HAFFA (Hong Kong Freight Forwarders’ Association) for achieving the best net and gross scores on the tour’s courses. He said: “It was wonderful to spend a few days in Fukuoka with the Cathay Pacific Cargo team. I appreciate their great teamwork and I was glad to enhance my friendships with other top agents. We all treasure the long-term partnership with Cathay and let’s look forward to our next invitation tour in the future.”