DHL awards Cathay Pacific Cargo’s pharma skills

Cathay Pacific Cargo awarded 2018 DHL CARE Award

Cathay Pacific Cargo has been recognised by DHL as one of the industry leaders in the transport of temperature-sensitive life sciences products.

Cathay Pacific Cargo, along with a select few others, was awarded the 2018 Carrier Award for Reliability and Excellence (CARE) at the 18th Life Science and Healthcare Conference held at Lake Maggiore, Italy in June.

“These are life-saving products, and customers are increasingly demanding faster delivery with a higher level of transparency at the same time,” said Scott Allison, DHL President, Life Sciences & Healthcare. “The volume of products is also on the rise, thanks to the growing online pharmaceutical business. Air freight carriers see these challenges as opportunities, responding with increased investments to improve both the quality and visibility of transport.”

Ray Jewell, Regional Manager Cargo Europe said: “This DHL Care award means a lot to the Cathay Pacific Cargo team worldwide as it comes from a demanding customer, with highly professional and competent people. It is especially gratifying for those people in our team in Hong Kong, Europe, and throughout the network who have put a great deal of effort into making our Pharma product a leader in the industry. Thanks to DHL for the recognition shown to Cathay Pacific Cargo through this award.”

Cathay Pacific Cargo awarded 2018 DHL CARE Award
From left to right: Scott Allison, President, Life Sciences & Healthcare at DHL and Nina Heinz, Global Head of Network & Quality, DHL Global Forwarding presented the award to Ray Jewell, Regional Cargo Manager Europe (4th from left).