Cathay trials next-gen track and trace at outports

Tech team trials Bluetooth readers at Melbourne

Cathay Pacific Cargo has scaled up its trial of next-generation track and trace technology, following on from its successful ‘proof of technology’ trial to track ULD movements using low-energy Bluetooth beacons and readers in the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong and the airport ramp area.

In the next stage of the trial, the team tested the technology in more stages of the end-to-end journey of shipments under Cathay Pacific’s care –  including the ground infrastructure at the destination. Trial shipments will be at both ULD and selected piece level.

Calvin Hui, eCargo and Digital Enablement Manager at Cathay Pacific Cargo, says: ‘Our cargo terminal is a different environment to many of the warehouses to where we deliver cargo at outports. While the terminal is a complex, multi-storey facility, most outport warehouses will be single-storey and densely packed with cargo. We needed to make sure the technology works in this sort of environment too.’

Calvin’s team recently fitted the warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, with the Bluetooth readers and tracked a shipment from the aircraft, across the ramp into the warehouse up to its collection. The trial was a success in tracking location, the technology is multi-dimensional and will be able to record and transmit other information about the shipment including temperature.

Calvin adds: ‘With the success of this trial, we are a step closer to bringing the next generation track and trace solution to our customers.’