Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal is 5S Certified

Terminal’s quality assurance endorsement is the first such recognition at Hong Kong International Airport

Cathay Pacific Services Ltd (CPSL), a wholly owned Cathay Pacific subsidiary that operates the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal (CPCT), has become the first air cargo terminal in Hong Kong to receive the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) 5S Certification. This first milestone in the company’s continuous improvement journey was achieved in November 2019, backed by efforts from CPSL employees and those of its sub-contractors.

The 5S management system is a simple and effective approach for workplace organisation that not only improves safety, productivity and service quality, but also increases usable space. By applying the 5S principles of ‘sort’, ‘set In Order’, ‘shine’, ‘standardise’ and ‘sustain’, employees can work efficiently and serve customers quickly, resulting in high levels of employee and customer satisfaction.

The 5S standards also bring improved workplace cleanliness and tidiness, which greatly enhances safety and promotes a healthy work environment. In addition, usable space – a valuable asset in CPCT – is optimised by reducing, replacing and removing items that do not bring value to the quality of operations.

CPSL Chief Executive Officer Jenny Lam says: ‘It is our vision to see the 5S management system implanted in our operational culture and for all our colleagues to possess the 5S DNA. Just like our slogan, we want to see that “Everyday is 5S day”.’

Certification no.: CC 6952

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