Cathay Pacific Cargo recertified for CEIV Pharma

CEIV Pharma recertifications across the Cathay Pacific Group strengthen Hong Kong’s position as number one cargo hub ahead of vaccine shipments

Cathay Pacific Cargo, Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) and ground-handling subsidiary Hong Kong Airport Services Limited (HAS) have been recertified with IATA’s CEIV Pharma accreditation. The recertification reaffirms Hong Kong International Airport’s overall expertise in pharmaceutical shipment handling and comes at a time when air cargo is in the spotlight ahead of the huge global challenge to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

Along with Cathay Pacific Cargo, Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, which is run by CPSL, and HAS, which tows and loads cargo, have been recertified and have the necessary equipment and trained personnel to offer a very high level of quality assurance for pharma shipments.

Cathay Pacific GM Cargo Service Delivery Frosti Lau said: ‘Cathay Pacific Cargo is delighted to be recertified for IATA’s CEIV Pharma. This shows our commitment to delivering a high-quality pharma transportation service from an airport-to-airport perspective, as well as our own drive for continuous improvement. Since the last certification, we have been working closely with the Airport Authority Hong Kong and CPSL to enhance our handling capability at Hong Kong International Airport.’

This work has included increasing the number of thermal dollies that Cathay Pacific Cargo can access for pharma shipments, as well as expanding the storage capability inside the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal.

Lau added: ‘These improvements come at an opportune time for us to be able to take better care of the time- and temperature-sensitive vaccine shipments that will be passing through Hong Kong to our network of destinations.’

CPSL CEO Jenny Lam said: ‘We have taken every step to make a difference through our facilities and system enhancements, people training, as well as our track-and-trace capability in the handling of sensitive pharmaceutical cargo. We are fully geared to support the storage and transshipment of vaccine shipments in Hong Kong.’

Hong Kong International Airport is among a small number of international hubs to offer a complete CEIV Pharma-certified service across the entire cargo journey at the airport. The airport has added cool dollies for temperature-controlled shipments and has built apron shelters to protect containers and dollies from the direct effects of the weather.

Airport Authority Hong Kong General Manager Aviation Logistics Alaina Shum said: ‘Hong Kong International Airport advocates and supports the airport community in its CEIV Pharma recertification, which helps to cement its status as the world’s leading and busiest cargo airport.’