Cathay Pacific Cargo flies vital aid to India

More than 100 tonnes of oxygen equipment, medical supplies and vaccines have been delivered

Cathay Pacific Cargo is flying vital relief shipments to India, doing its part to help combat the nation’s grave COVID-19 medical crisis.

Although passenger flights have been suspended between Hong Kong and India, in the past few weeks Cathay Pacific Cargo has been operating freighters – along with 24 pairs of cargo-only passenger flights in March and 29 in April – to meet demand. So far, it has delivered more than 100 tonnes of much-needed humanitarian and medical supplies to some of India’s major centres.

These include shipments of specialised oxygen generators, oxygen concentrators and ventilators to Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. In addition, there has been a sharp increase in volumes for shipments of oxygen, surgical masks, sanitiser, personal protective equipment, pharmaceuticals and vaccines over the past few weeks.

‘We have been supporting efforts to relieve this current crisis in India through the delivery of medical supplies on our freighters and cargo-only passenger flights,’ said Cathay Pacific General Manager Cargo Commercial George Edmunds. ‘We are noticing a sharp increase in the volume of enquiries from the Americas and closer to home from the Chinese mainland for space for humanitarian aid shipments to India, and we will do our best to accommodate these essential shipments.

‘As a consequence, we are looking to maximise capacity by adding more cargo-carrying flights and will continue to work with the Indian authorities to make this possible.’

With its dedicated Boeing 747 freighter fleet, Cathay Pacific Cargo stands ready to support ongoing relief efforts with its capacity to deliver large humanitarian cargo shipments where they are needed and whenever they are required.