Cathay Pacific Cargo adds Releye and Pegasus to cooltainer range

New products add flexibility to temperature-sensitive shipping

Cathay Pacific Cargo is extending the choice of cooltainer options for customers with two new cooltainer products specially designed for exacting temperature-sensitive shipments such as vaccines and life-science supplies.

Earlier this month, Cathay Pacific Cargo became the first Asian air-cargo carrier to offer the Envirotainer Releye RLP for carriage on its aircraft fleet. This new LD11-sized unit offers a unique air flow technology for maximum temperature stability, and has been designed to meet shippers’ requests for greater load flexibility. The RLP-size cooltainer fits three Euro pallets or two US pallets, filling a strategic gap between the larger RAP and smaller RKN-size cooltainers to enable mixing and matching of pallet sizes based on shipment volume.

‘Cathay Pacific Cargo is a long-term partner to Envirotainer, and I’m thrilled that it is the quickest airline in Asia-Pacific to qualify our latest innovation,’ said Don Harrison, Head of Global Key Accounts, Airlines at Envirotainer.

Previously, Cathay Pacific Cargo had also added Sonoco ThermoSafe’s Pegasus range following an extension of the global partnership agreement between the two companies. The Pegasus ULD is the world’s first FAA and EASA-approved passive bulk temperature-controlled ULD container for pharmaceutical use, and is constructed from innovative high-tech insulation and composite materials. The agreement now enables pharma freight forwarders to lease Pegasus ULD containers directly from Cathay Pacific Cargo.

‘Sonoco ThermoSafe is proud to again drive innovation in temperature-controlled container design with our Pegasus ULD,’ said Bourji Mourad, head of Logistics and Partner Management for Sonoco ThermoSafe’s Bulk Rental group. ‘We are confident our expanded partnership with an industry leader such as Cathay Pacific Cargo will accelerate the adoption of the Pegasus ULD during the world’s most demanding need for pharmaceutical distribution.’

This sentiment was shared by Cathay Pacific Cargo’s General Manager Cargo Service Delivery, Frosti Lau. ‘These innovations will allow us to offer yet more choice to our customers for transporting temperature-sensitive shipments, which is especially important at the moment when vaccines and other life-saving pharmaceutical shipments are in such critical demand in different parts of the world,’ he said.

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