Priority: enhanced tier options for speed and access to capacity

Top Priority tier First offers access to high-demand flights and guarantees uplift

Cathay Pacific Cargo is introducing its new Priority solution, which offers dedicated booking tiers tailored to customers’ needs for their cargo shipments. Priority now brings greater choice, more clearly defined service options and better transparency to the booking process, so customers can choose the speed, capacity and assurance – including a money-back guarantee* – they want for every shipment.

The Priority solution offers three service tiers – First (PR1), Essential Plus (PR2) and the standard Essential (PR3). For general cargo shipments, customers can choose the tier best suited to their needs. In addition, the First (PR1) and Essential Plus (PR2) service tiers have been extended and are now applicable to all types of shipments requiring special handling, including but not limited to Pharma LIFT, Fresh LIFT and DG LIFT.

The top Priority tier, First, also offers access to high-demand flights, late shipment acceptance and early retrieval, and new special features including 24/7 customer support through a Live Chat function for additional peace of mind.

‘We know that every shipment matters and the essential quality of air cargo is speed,’ says George Edmunds, Cathay Pacific General Manager Cargo Commercial. ‘That’s why we’re introducing our new Priority solution, offering booking tiers tailored to a wide range of commodities including special cargo. Priority puts speed and access to capacity at the heart of every booking, and puts control and choice in your hands.

‘We want to make the value proposition of Priority more distinctive to customers and we are using KPIs to ensure that we are transparent and deliver to their expectations,’ adds Edmunds. ‘As part of our commitment to adopting new technology to deliver better service, we are pleased to add Live Chat as a new component to First. It’s another important step forward as we work towards our vision of becoming the world’s most customer-centric air cargo services provider.’

The Priority tiers are reflected directly in Cathay Pacific’s new Click & Ship booking platform, Cathay Pacific Cargo and EzyCargo websites to put speed and access to capacity at customers’ fingertips.

*The money-back guarantee will be activated when pandemic restrictions have been lifted and Cathay Pacific Cargo has resumed its normal long-haul and regional schedules