Introducing Cathay Cargo; a new name, a new brand

New solutions and a new website herald even more exciting changes to come

This month Cathay is revealing elements of its new Cargo brand to the market –including a new name, Cathay Cargo.

This is an important step in harmonising the cargo operations of the Cathay Pacific Group with the overarching master brand, Cathay, which was introduced in Hong Kong last year. ‘This rebrand will align the cargo business with Cathay’s Move Beyond’ ambition,’ said Ed Bell, General Manager, Brand, Insights & Marketing Communications. ‘Cathay Cargo aligns with the same purpose, vision and values of the master brand Cathay and all of its subsidiary brands, including Cathay Pacific, the passenger airline; and Cathay – the everyday lifestyle offering.’

The keen-eyed will have already picked up hints of the changes to come in the names – and innovations – of the carrier’s revamped specialist shipment solutions: as with Cathay Pharma, for example. And there is more to come, as Cathay Pacific Group Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lam explains.

‘Cathay’s cargo business has always played a vital part in the success of Cathay,’ he says. ‘Our cargo services run out of our home base of Hong Kong, which is also the world’s busiest international air cargo hub. This is an opportune moment to align our cargo business with the master brand as we continue our cargo investments in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area for a promising future. This rebrand reflects our Cargo business’ commitment to the same “Move Beyond” ambition as the Group, while building on a strength that the Cathay brand has long been known for – offering leading-edge services and solutions to our customers.’

New and revamped shipment solutions

Along with Cathay Pharma, Cathay Cargo has recently invested in other refreshed solutions, including Cathay Priority, and a new solution for post office customers, Cathay Mail, which will be introduced in weeks. These services are in response to customer needs for effective delivery solutions underpinned by new digital technology that enables better shipment visibility, reliability and speed. In turn, they have been backed up by further investments in the multi-dimensional track-and-trace service Ultra Track, and Click & Ship, the intuitive online booking service which offers instant processing and confirmation.

All of these commitments to extending and bettering service were factors behind Cathay Cargo winning Cargo Airline of the Year at this year’s Air Transport World Awards.

‘Cathay Cargo continues to innovate new solutions, services and technology for customers as we build towards being one of the world’s greatest service brands, and our vision to become the world’s most customer-centric air cargo service brand,’ says Director Cargo Tom Owen. ‘Continued investment in technology and logistics will solidify our position as a leading player in the industry.’

A new look online, and a one-stop shop

As part of its rebranding campaign, Cathay Cargo’s website has been revamped to reflect the brand ethos. ‘The first phase of the website development will see the look and feel reflect the master brand website across the homepage and the content pages, including all the special shipment solution pages,’ says Head of Cargo Digital Ingrid Lee. ‘We’re also creating more space to tell stories – both ours and our customers’- so to make our website the hub of content for Cathay Cargo to the public.’

The second phase of our website revamp, which will also be our on-going effort, is to look into our end-to-end digital customer experience design. From that, not only will we enhance and integrate our existing critical online features such as track-and-trace and booking etcetera, we will also be continuously introducing new functions with the ultimate aim to make our website a one-stop shop for our customers,’ says Lee.

The changes are just the start of a longer journey, with more exciting initiatives set to be revealed in the coming months as Cathay Cargo continues its transformation.

Our new shipment solutions are displayed with more space to breathe and the website layout reflects the Cathay master brand
Our new shipment solutions are displayed with more space to breathe and the website layout reflects the Cathay master brand

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